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Hey BohFam! I am a reviewer/curator for a review group on Steam called Deduction's Review Club. I recently reviewed your game. Great work on the game!

Hey BohFam, I'm a small content creator on YouTube and found your game through the RockPaperShotgun article someone else mentioned. I did one of my first impression videos for Exoplanets, feel free to take a look.

Unfortunately, I mention in the video that I can't recommend Exoplanets in its current state but I do encourage voting on Greenlight and keeping an eye on the game because from what I did play and what I experienced, I see a LOT of potential and I'm interested to see how this game will grow.

Anyway keep up the good work and I hope you like my video!

Hi, that was a very entertaining video, really made my day. Thanks for all the positive inputs!

okay, great. I will buy it then. :)

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hello byokkai, yes if you bought the game here you will receive the steam key as well once available in steam.

you're welcome evilnancy

downloaded the demo and when i saw you included options for both xInput and DrirectInput I signed up for this site just to thank you!

Thanks culprit!

Also thanks for letting me know about the Rock Paper Shotgun article, I didn't find out till you told me, that was awesome!

Just read about this on RockPaperShotgun - looks like it may be my kinda game. Seems like some elements from games I enjoy (Spelunky + Risk of Rain) at work here. Very cool!

Hi Scyllop,

Exoplanets is still in progress, there are things in the game that are still being added, worked on, and polished.

I plan to put to the requirements by downloading intels.

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Is this a finished game? Or do you still have things you want to add?

Is there anywhere that tells what the requirements are to unlock the other AI?

Thank you gamerdude! You're my first comment, awesome!

looks kewl